Crypto Top ~ Bottom Cycle Indication



Don't look at the price, but where we are in the cycles with Bitcoin/Crypto
(Time Target is more important than Price Target! - Short only in the bear market and long only in the bull market!)

1- Recognize the bottom of the 4 year cycle and buy!
2- Find the best ALT coins create portfolio.
3- Recognize the top of the 4 year cycle and sell!


(Indicator 1) Stoch RSI on the month candle!

Blue arrow: When the Stoch RSI on the month rises above 20, the bottom has been formed.
Red arrow: When the RSI drops below 80, the top has been reached.
DCA (Buy) after the Blue Arrow and before the halving! Blue line!


(Indicator 2) Rainbow chart

Buy in Blue green and sell in Orange / Red!

Rainbow Chart


(Indicator 3) TVL Top/Bottom large ALT coins.

The top is when coins like Solana and Ethereum have ATH on TVL.

(Than the whales are selling.)



(Indicator 4) Hodle Ratio


Whales sell at the top, in red area.

(Due to the double top in 2021, they have not been in red area in 2021 !)

Hodle Ratio


(Indicator 5) In outflow Bitcoin ETF

When these ETFs sell, the top is probably in! (GBTC Grayscale is now selling in this photo below!)

Bitcoin ETF - Bitcoin ETF


Wall Street Cheat Sheet


ALT Coins

Fhase 1 Bitcoin goes first!
Phase 2 High Cap ALT coins (Meme coins go first)
Phase 3 Low Cap ALT coins

Meme let's go before the halving and then they'll go fast...
Only buy between the bottom and the halving!
Buy the dip! Not after the halving, if you do this then up to the BTC old ATH!ALT coins with high stake yields also have more inflation.
How many coins were in the previous bull market of an ALT coin and at this moment? (Because of stake there is more inflation)

Old ALT coins have less chance because new ones are often better.
Old ALTs don't always return to their previous ATH!

ALTs Nerative: AI, DeFi, Game, Layer1, Layer2 on ETH, Layer2 on BTC.
Create your ALT coin portfolio for the halving. 10 to 20 Coins is ok!

Mixing portfolio is spreading risk! You always have a few that do very well.
You buy at the bottom and change your portfolio until the halving, you then have to figure out which coins are the winners.
The winners keep winning, you keep them until the end.
You exchange the weaker ones for better ones. The big increase will only come after the halving.



A beginner's mistake is thinking that a coin is cheap if it costs $0.0001, it's all about the % profit!
also check how many coins there are. Max Supply. More coins then the price is automatically lower! Scarcity!
When there are many YouTube videos of a coin, it has more appeal and fame!

Follow the good YouTube channels!
Youtube: Data: Invest Answers
Traders/ALT coins: Crypto Banter
Trader BTC: Satoshi Stacker
Bitcoin Only: BRITISH HODL
George: Cryptos RUs
Crypto: Crypto Zombie

Bitcoin Dominance low then the ALT coins go up fast!
Sometimes it is also misleading, the dominance also includes all Stable coins and old ALT coins that do not run well with a high market cap. The top 10 coins contain large coins with a huge market cap.
Bitcoin Dominance



ALT indication 1 - Top BTC vs Top ALT coins

Bitcoin Top is 2 weeks earlier than the ALT coins top! Bitcoin also starts to rise earlier!



ALT indication 2 - Bitcoin ATH

Bitcoin breaks ATH then the Dominance goes up for another 3 weeks. Then Dominance drops and ALT season begins!



ALT indication 3 - ETH ATH

Ethereum breaks ATH. Then Dominance drops and ALT season begins!



ALT coins excluding Bitcoin

Purple line and arrow RSI above 80 Starts the ALT bull run.
Blue line RSI below 50 end of ALT season!
(You can front run this of course!)


The Best Token Unlock Schedule & Intense Tokenomics Data Is Here.
When there is an unlock, coins from the makers behind the crypto come onto the market, which lowers the price.

Token Unlocks


If you buy Crypto because someone says it is a good idea. Will you also sell if someone says it's a good idea to sell... Do your research!


Things NOT to do!

#1 FOMO in or buy when coins are already going up fast!

#2 Don't invest in old tech! (Invest in new tech)

#3 Make sure you follow the right people online!

#4 Don't hold the dead coins. 50% is a dead project!

#5 Don't deny market cycles! (Now Defi coins goes up then Game coins, etc)

--- Market cycle, you make money in the bear market when you buy cheap.

#6 Security - Hardware wallet, separate computer for crypto, 2FA, VPN etc.

---It's a life to build values and a second to lose.


Things to do!

#1 Research which are the best coins! And get in early in the cycle!

--- Follow the money & Adoption, follow projects with good team. Alpha is in the Data.

#2 98% is a scam - Make sure you invest in the 2% with a mixed portfolio.

#3 Learn from the best people, make a plan and stick to it!

#4 Be a Bull in the Bull market & Be a Bear in the Bear Market.

#5 Make a realistic expectation. 10X is realistic.

#6 Patience is everything! - Can do nothing for months and suddenly the price shoots up!




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