Meet SINDA the Rebel Puppy with Music & Entertainment!
"MEME coins are the resistance"

Current Supply 18,900,000,000 ~ 0% Tax ~ Burn coins ~ Total locked Liquidity 100%

Join us on this paw-some adventure as we bark our way to the moon!


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Buy Sinda Coin on: Jupiter DEX ~ Raydium DEX ~ deBridge DEX

  • Step 1
  • Have or create a
  • Phantom wallet

  • Step 2
  • Buy SOLANA and
  • send it to your wallet


  • Step 4
  • Swap SOL for SINDA
  • It’s that simple!


Info, Entertainment & Music on our YouTube Channel


Give Away 500.000.000

Sinda coins!!
There are 12 words hidden in the movie wat is an recovery phrase: YouTube Movie

Read the comments below the video on YouTube wat to do!!

Check if the Sinda coins are still in the wallet, go to Solana Explorer: Wallet Address


New video

Interview with Andrew

We not stop building!! We just starting the Sinda Project - we are here for the long run!! 13 june 2024

New video !!



Click here for more Sinda MEMEs & Humor


About Sinda

Introducing Sinda, the hottest new player in the crypto world, and yes, it's all about our four-legged friends! Sinda is more than just a meme coin; it's a tribute to the playful spirit and loyalty of our beloved canine companions.
Sinda brings a fresh and fun twist to the crypto market. But it's not just about cute aesthetics; Sinda offers a vibrant community where dog lovers and crypto enthusiasts come together to share their passion and excitement.

But what sets Sinda apart? Besides its adorable branding, Sinda is on the Solana blockchain, ensuring fast and secure transactions for its growing user base. Whether you're trading, hodling, or simply spreading the word, Sinda promises an engaging experience for all involved.

So, if you're ready to unleash your inner doge-loving investor, hop on board the Sinda train today! Let's wag our tails to the moon and beyond, one bark at a time!

Join the pack


Sinda is the dog.
Sindacoin is the coin of Sinda!



At the launch Total Max Supply Coins, Decimals 2

Total locked Liquidity 100% Check Dexscreener


Distribution at the launch

1 - Circulating supply at the launch coins.

2 - Team for Airdrops in the future & Charity organization.

3 - Founder 0 coins. Fair Launch.



Phase 1

- Website Creation

- Telegram Launch

- You Tube Channel

- Launch Sinda on Raydium

- List on Jupiter DEX

Phase 2

- CMC listing

- Making Videos

- Community Building

- Buy Back Coins (plan B)

- Coin Burning (plan B)

Phase 3

- Market Cap 100K+

- Airdrop to Telegram Members

- Widespread Marketing

- Listing on more exchange

- Market Cap 1M+



Sinda Team Wallet 1.5 B coins: Address

500m Sinda Coins for Give Away! YouTube Sci-Fi Movie "Explorer"


Telegram group only about MEME coins.

Crypro Meme Coins

Crypto Top ~ Bottom Cycle Indication


Phase 2 (Plan B) ~ 2 Billion coins are Burned now!!

Buy back coins. Coin burning with money from Airdrops from other projects and from stake rewards ;) Address 1 ~ Address 2 ~

Current Supply 18,900,000,000


Phase 3 ~ Airdrops!!
The idea is to give back to the $Sinda holders 1B coins over time in "separate" Airdrops. We only announce when and how in the Telegram Group. So join the pack!

For each airdrop, "a list of addresses is audited to check for holders, to get the airdrop". You can check this list here. This is also to "ensure" that Sinda coin is taken seriously "because it is definitely a reliable project!!"

The Sinda Team

Angelo ~ Founder of: The Sinda Project
Roben ~ Moderator Telegram

Ashley ~ Marketing YouTube

Talal ~ Marketing Twitter & Moderator Telegram

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